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PROLINE G2 Industrial Packages, Type 12
Bulletin Number: P41
Material: Steel

PROLINE G2 Industrial Packages are full-featured, ready-to-use enclosure solutions that make it unnecessary to order each component separately. For convenience, a single part number includes a frame, solid door(s), handle and key lock, a solid top, a solid rear cover, a full mounting subpanel, a gland plate, and four lifting eyes. Side covers ordered separately to accommodate joining/baying applications.

PROLINE G2 Disconnect Packages, Type 12

PROLINE G2 Disconnect Packages are full-featured, ready-to-use enclosures which make it easy to create flange-mount disconnect solutions using major brand disconnect switches and circuit breakers. A hinged disconnect mullion provides unobstructed access to the interior and maximum access to the Full Mounting Subpanel (Mounting Plate). A flush swing handle with defeater operates an internal 3-point latch system on the disconnect door and latches to the disconnect mullion. Interlocking is provided from the primary door to the disconnect mullion. Side covers are included with PROLINE G2 Disconnect Packages.

PROLINE Industrial Packages, Type 12
Bulletin Number: P21
Material: Steel
RoHS Flag: Yes
PROLINE-DD Disconnect Enclosure, Type 12
Bulletin Number: P20DC
Material: Steel
RoHS Flag: Yes

For a modular disconnect system with application flexibility, choose a PROLINE-DD Modular Enclosure. These two-door packages and their components are compatible with any of the standard flange-mounted disconnect switches and mechanisms described in the Preferred Cutout Overview section.