Washdown / Corrosive

washdown corrosive


Turn to Pentair for the widest selection of corrosive wash-down protection. We offer hundreds of non-metallic enclosures in ABS, polyester, polycarbonate and fiberglass to safeguard controls and electrical systems from damaging acids, alkalis and solvents. Our Watershed Stainless Steel Enclosures protect automation assets from high-pressure hose water and caustic cleaning chemicals, and they’re NSF® certified for sanitary Food & Beverage processing. We also offer complementary products such as Clean Tray Stainless Steel Cable Trays, Syspend Sanitary HMI Systems and ProAir Stainless Steel Air Conditioners for all your corrosive / wash-down protection needs.

We Reliably Protect:

Water Treatment Pump Controls Meat Processing Equipment Food Packaging Automation
Outdoor Irrigation Systems Chemical Manufacturing Ship Loading Systems